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Are you confident in your artistic abilities? 

546 deviants said No.
326 deviants said Yes.

Devious Comments

AttitoonZ Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012

It's called "TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF". Why do I lack confidence in my abilities/creativity/etc.? Simple.
I haven't worked hard. It's a vicious cycle. I'm so afraid to hit the drawing board because of bad memories and bad confidence, yet by avoiding drawing, I'm only getting rustier. My fear of feeling that emotional pain sadly outweighs the
knowledge that this destructive behavior will NOT advance my skills. I KNOW why I lack confidence, yet struggle daily with the fear.

To ALL OF YOU ON DEVIANT ART: Don't end up like me. I'm pushing 40 years old and NOWHERE NEAR where I should be. Lame excuses and cowardice does NOT justify anything.
Danoartist Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012   General Artist
Definately, wish I was a little more exposed though! Depending on how you look at the situation, my life has put me in a position where my confidence in my artistic abilities seems to be one of the only bright spots.
grimzzi Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Student Filmographer
Yes Im confident, and with each new drawing or doodle my skills grow.
Djnightsilver Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Im still trying to develop my style and have trouble making my character daxton look like daxton when I draw him in any pose. yea I have a long way to go
RedStarship Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
O: I'm surprised at how many No's there are!

I'm so confident it hurts. lol I know I'm not the best of the best out there, but I always keep a great attitude about my work and it's only been getting better.

The less confidence you have, the worse you're gonna get (I've seen it happen).
BornPessimist Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Am I confident in my artistic skills? No.

Because sometime, somewhere I read that:
An artist must always practice their creativity or else their skills as an artist will never grow. can I when I feel so miserable all the time? How am I suppose to?
Every-time I see my kid brother working on his art assignments, I see his skill level aeons ahead of mine.
When we're visiting family or friends, my mother constantly brags about my kid brother by saying how he can paint this or that. When they ask about me...she just says: Oh. My daughter just graduated--she's so behind everyone her age who's already working. She's just staying home and taking her sweet time.

I just feel really unmotivated and at a loss at what to do. Doing nothing seems to be a skill I excel in :p
krissthebliss Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012   Digital Artist
my colors are improving but I need more practice on the traditional side of things... like painting and human anatomy
Mkidkap123 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
im improving but not really anywhere close to good yet
longestdistance Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ehh not at all. I always see really good doodles/sketches/artwork from other people and think "I wouldn't be able to draw that if I wanted to." So I have to keep practicing and going outside my comfort zone!
Philbrush Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Every artist probably believes they can do better, and is never 100% satisfied (especially looking back over older work), but that aside, I still have many areas to work on. That being said, I know the areas I struggle with mostly, and with practise (and observation) I know I can get there. So I am confident that I will be confident with my artwork!
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