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May 17, 2011
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Calvin and Hobbes: Moving On by Zatransis Calvin and Hobbes: Moving On by Zatransis
Hey peoples!

When I started this pic as a sketch I thought I was brilliant. I thought the idea was fresh and original. How retarded is that? Once I started looking up reference I found a giant pile of art about Calvin when he grows up. AND... a lot of them involved a daughter. I decided that I didn't care and did this one up anyway.

I hope everyone enjoys this piece. There is some heat regarding the concept of a grown up Calvin and that he should always remain a child. But to me, that's like wishing your puppy never becomes a dog or your child never becomes an adult... it's selfish. So, I consider this image about letting go of things you hold dear so it, and you, can move on.

Peace and carrots,

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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-06-17
Calvin and Hobbes: Moving On is by *Zatransis ( Suggested by PutYourBraveFaceOn and Featured by Moonbeam13 )
There is a Swedish song about a child and the teddy bear he got from his dad when he turned four, how it was the best friend ever and and life was good.
But the years passed and the teddy was forgotten, the boy grew up and got married and had a baby girl. When she turned four, she got a present from her dad...

This reminds me so much of that song. Im going to go listen to it now and have a bit of misty eyes. *Tips hat* Thanks for reminding me of that song.
AmaniSalama Mar 27, 2014  Student General Artist
It may not be completely original, bu I love it!! :D The little girl's so cute!
To be fair, there isn't much option for 'originality' anymore, so don't let others doing something keep you from doing it as well. And I'm sure that there are a bunch of pics out there that don't look as good as yours, so this qualifies as great.
adritho Mar 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I need your artbook!!!!
psplayer89 Feb 14, 2014   Traditional Artist
the feels.....oh god THE FEELS :'(
Like father, like daughter.... Her principal probably EATS blood pressure meds!
I like the concept, and though I hate to repeat what others have already said, the family portraits on the wall really make the picture. Nice touch!
Hobbes has aged quite well! :)
Those eyes look off somehow.
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